Is It Too Early To Talk About Ski Socks?

Is It Too Early To Talk About Ski Socks?

Not for us, we pretty much do that all year long.

It's hot, fall barely started and our mountain bikes need cleaning, but the Point6 crew is sitting around a table debating ski socks.

Specifically, what differentiates a good one from a great one? Who makes the best one? How can we make ours better?

Each winter, we ski and ride them all, ours and everyone else's. And we give credit where it's due - a couple of our competitors are doing good work. But only one can be the best.

No matter where your readers ride or ski, the Point6 line of ski and snowboard socks are the best in the business. Our founders, Peter and Patty Duke, started out as ski instructors. They know what a sock needs to perform all day, every day.

  • Fit - Ever have a sock develop a baggy heel or toe over the course of a long day? Ever have a sock get that maddening wrinkle under the arch? Not with Point6. We build in arch support, an ankle brace, exceptional cross stretch and tons of other features that keep the fit snug and the performance high. Skin up in the dark and tour all day. Ride from first chair to last. Race the tram. These socks will never quit. 


  • Dry - A wet foot is a cold foot. Merino beats any fabric for moisture absorbtion and wicking, but not all merino is created equal. Our Compact Spinning method creates a softer, less bulky yarn that is 25% more durable. Certain Point6 models employ a fiber called 37.5 to beef up the toe and heel. Unlike regular nylon, 37.5 more closely matches the moisture wicking performance of merino, raising the performance/durability bar.


  • Durability - Our socks last. That's why we have a lifetime guarantee.


Ski or snowboard. East or West. Back, side or frontcountry. Park, pipe, groomer or secret pow. We make the socks that will be your reader's go-to. And yours.


When it's time to put together that winter sock review (and it will be soon enough), call me or drop a line for a Point6 sample pair that will walk all this talk.

- Carson



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Carson Stanwood Point6 PR Guy, Stanwood Communications
Carson Stanwood Point6 PR Guy, Stanwood Communications
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